Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy reflects the values conveyed by setec international, which are part of our mission statement. It is our passion and audacity, our sense of humanity and the common good, and our technical excellence that inspire us on a daily basis to help create a better society.

This is why our company is committed to bringing people together in a supportive and equitable way, building on the richness that diversity brings to the company.
We encourage the transmission of expertise from more experienced colleagues to reinforce human relations within the company.

Our human resources policy aims to preserve the personal balance of our employees, by offering conditions that are favourable to their career development. We work together to design career paths, both within the company and across the setec group.

As a responsible company and convinced that ecological, climate and energy change is a major challenge, setec international has a specific committee for ecological transition in coordination with the setec group’s Engineers and Citizen’s initiative.
All employees are invited to take part in challenging projects aimed at achieving a sustainable future.


Being an employee at setec international means choosing the freedom to dare, to actively shape the future of the company and to be part of a human adventure that knows no boundaries. It also means choosing to support a company that is committed to a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Gilles PAYET

Director of Human Resources

What is the purpose of corporate social responsibility?

Social responsibility is an organisation’s responsibility towards the impacts of decisions and activities on companies and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour that:

  • contributes to the sustainable development, including the health and well-being, of the company
  • takes account to the needs of stakeholders
  • in compliance with international legislation and standards
  • is an approach that is embedded throughout the organisation and applied in practice through its interactions

CSR at setec international

This approach is based on 4 pillars within the setec group and in particular at setec international:

  • Advise and act to reduce the environmental impact of our projects and activities
  • Ensure that our values are respected in our actions
  • Encourage professional accomplishment and development among our employees
  • Connecting our ecosystem

Our projects

The ecological, climate and energy transformation of setec international is a major challenge that requires appropriate monitoring and management: we have therefore decided to set up a committee for the company’s ecological transition. This is a key element of our strategic plan.

This committee brings together expert and more generalist team members and will be responsible for guiding our roadmap (skills development, definition of objectives and monitoring indicators, commercial guidelines, providing a forum for collective reflection, etc.).

We are also involved in a number of projects where we hope, at our level, to play our part in designing a more sustainable world.

Our first social commitments

The first social initiatives have been launched, and our roadmap is developing further to keep us on course. The following are a few examples of ambitions that are currently being put into practice:

– Improving everyday understanding of disability

– Developing our gender equality plan

– Sign the Diversity Charter

– Consolidate our management of integration clauses

– Preventing Psychosocial Risks

– Supporting employees who are carers

– Organising well-being events