The Mobility & Transport division offers a global vision of travel issues and mobility projects, supported by feasibility and economic studies, and strong expertise in traffic modeling.

It works on all kinds of projects, on all scales (urban, regional, national and international), on all modes of transport and for both passengers and freight. This global approach enables setec international to provide operational planning advice, based on an understanding of territories and mobility needs.

For several years now, the cluster has been strongly committed to the themes of decarbonizing mobility: modal shift levers, socio-economic and environmental assessment of projects, energy transition, shared use of infrastructures.


“What makes us unique is that we start from mobility needs, evaluate projects and offer our customers the most appropriate solutions.


Mobility and Transport Division Manager

Our expertise

  • Territorial and mobility diagnostics
  • Socio-economic and financial studies and assessments
  • Multimodal travel modeling (static, dynamic, pedestrian flows)
  • Traffic studies and parking modelling
  • Transport Planning & Economics
  • Mobility data analysis & Data science

Our missions

  • Audit, consulting and expertise
  • Upstream project studies
  • Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation
  • Mobility studies on all scales: local, urban, suburban and long-distance
  • All modes of transport, passenger and freight
  • Active and low-carbon mobility, energy transition, shared use of infrastructure

We have contributed to …

Grand Paris Express – Socio-economic report

November 2022

The GPE is an automatic metro project involving the extension of metro line 14 to the north and south, and the creation of a double loop to link ...

Dakar multimodal model

November 2022

Since 1997 and the creation of CETUD, the city has embarked on a vast overhaul of its overall urban transport system: programs to renew the ...

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Baixada Santista region

October 2022

The Baixada Santista metropolitan region comprises 9 municipalities with a population of around 1.9 million. It is one of Brazil’s most ...