Created in 1957 out of a passion for engineering by its founders, Henri Grimond and Guy Saias, the setec group has been rising to the challenges of the largest building, infrastructure, environmental and urban development projects for more than 60 years. A totally independent group, 100% owned by the employees themselves, setec is committed to engineering excellence in order to create smarter, more responsible territories.




I invite each and every one of setec’s employees to seize with determination and enthusiasm the opportunities offered by the considerable challenges we face today. I invite our clients as well as our partners to help us, to encourage us in this direction and to share in this adventure.

Michel KAHAN

President of setec group

Some of our achievements

  • 1957-1994 Channel Tunnel
  • 1965 Ivory Coast transport plan
  • 1985 Tunis tramway line 1 opened for service
  • 1998 The heart of La Défense, Paris
  • 2000 Beijing Opera
  • Major motorways in France (A43, A89, A41, etc.)
  • 2001 Millau Viaduct
  • 2014-2021 Riyadh Metro
  • 2014 Grand Paris Express
  • 2014 Foundation Louis Vuitton
  • 2016 HS East European Rail
  • 2017 HS Brittany-Pays de la Loire Rail
  • 2021 TER site in Dakar
  • 2022 High Speed 2 in the UK

Our values and purpose

setec is an engineering specialist, creating sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of major transitions.

setec is a team of committed honest and responsible men and women. Working in human-scale structures, in a culture of cooperation and long-term commitment.

Managing the growing complexity and demands of our environment, they work to ensure the success of every project.


A mindset, an approach: Engineers and citizens

Firmly focused on the future and fully aware of the role that engineering must play in the fight against climate change and the ecological and social transition, the employees of the setec Group have collectively chosen their profession of faith: to be “Engineers & Citizens”. As citizens, we are committed to tackling these issues and want to play our part in changing our ecosystem. As engineers, we provide solutions, and as an engineering company, we want to be the driving force behind virtuous projects.



Engineers & Citizens: these two elements combined give meaning to our actions and incarnate our values as well as our commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in the day-to-day practice of our professions and our know-how.

Transitions 2025: a vision for the future



Through the “Transitions 2025” strategic plan, the Group has set four objectives for the years 2021-2025:

  • Leading our ecological, climate and energy transformation
  • Achieving our digital transition
  • Accelerate & structure our International development
  • Cultivate our talents


The “Transitions 2025” vision challenges us to reflect on and anticipate the major changes in our world, changes to which setec will need to adapt and actively participate in the coming years.

The plan describes a realistic collective ambition, which represents and unifies all of setec.
It forms the central pillar around which the Group’s companies build their strategies and coordinate their actions.





An invitation to join us

Learn, Act, Grow: these are the commitments that setec has made to their employees. It guides all the initiatives we develop with the companies’ HR teams. Common objectives and activities: attracting new talent, developing our expertise and skills and encouraging the personal fulfilment of our employees, both in France and abroad. To experience setec is above all to live a human and societal experience!