In 2022, for the first time, we wrote down what we wanted to accomplish:

“Driven by our strong team spirit, the diversity of our skills and the challenge of major transitions,
we imagine, appraise and rigorously design developments
at the service of people and territories. “



By writing down our mission statement, we wanted to confirm our position today and our future identity, and somehow explain the reasons for our current success and how we will continue to do so in the future.



General Director

"Driven by our team spirit..."

This is a fundamental issue: teamwork is the foundation of our identity.


The words chosen by our employees when we worked together to define our purpose emphasised the importance of being:
people-focused, a company on a human scale, solidarity, mutual support, cohesion and teamwork.


Our choice of companies reflects this fact: despite our diversity (professions, geography, missions, etc.) we share everything: the gains and losses, the successes and failures, the difficult moments and the happy ones.


This year in particular, the sense of mutual aid is also a value that we want to emphasise.


We don’t do this because we have to. We do it because we want to.


And we want to because it’s part of our culture, passed on from generation to generation. And it is precisely this culture that is our greatest strength and the key to our success.



"...the diversity of our expertise..."

The heart of our operations, our long-standing expertise, is our technical know-how in the area of linear infrastructures and our ability to bring together different professions:

road and rail

and pavements



all aspects
of the environment


and the economy


of large projects




Our skills are diverse, thanks to our most recent activities: urban, port, airport, each of which has different specialities: airport traffic forecasts, airfield lighting, airport master planning, port civil engineering, urban trades, etc. The list goes on.


This diversity of skills reflects the new professions that are shaping the world today and will continue to do so in the future: VR2+ service offering, BIM Infra development, GIS-based management, 4-stage mobility model development, decarbonised mobility, infrastructure resilience, low-carbon studies & design, design expertise for major international projects, independent engineer, urban parks, electro-mobility consultancy, etc.


This means that we can build on our existing skills and expertise because we have a culture of project-based development and we know exactly where to combine a wide range of skills.



Finally, the word diversity is not used here for no reason: Inter is the opposite of a company that recruits the same profiles, from the same social background, of the same colour, doing the same thing over and over again. We find that diversity is both productive and rewarding.



"... and the challenge of major transitions..."

With this phrase, we are immediately reminded of the world we live in:



  • The world in general is undergoing major changes, not just in terms of climate, but also digital developments


  • Our employees and their changing aspirations

These transitions give us a sense of energy and dynamism:


  • Digital technology will allow us to do things better and develop new uses/businesses


  • Independent engineering has a role to play: part of the solution will involve new technical solutions that will influence practices and behaviour


  • Adapting infrastructures to these changes creates new professions


  • The challenge is exciting for us as individuals: to attract new talent who are interested in being active members of the community, and to encourage employees to continue to contribute through a sense of pride in being part of the Group

We particularly endorse the challenge of climate change.


It is clear that the two main measures advocated by the IPCC are technological progress and sobriety.

In the transport sector, this can only be achieved through new design proposals, new ideas and new uses.


Who else would be at the heart of it all, other than engineering?


Although we are not decision-makers, we are responsible for proposing new services to our clients, as well as providing the necessary options.

"...we imagine, appraise and design..."

That says it all. Action verbs. Conjugated.
Standing still is not our philosophy.

The word imagine has three main meanings:

the creativity that is always needed
in our professions

the strong conceptual side of our projects:
it all starts in our heads

innovation in all our projects

"... with high standards"





The idea here is to refer to several concepts:

The discipline of an engineer


The daily commitment needed
to be happy at setec international:
without commitment, there can be no salvation


We are constantly challenging ourselves:
we never allow complacency to get the better of us,
we constantly strive for perfection.


As we look to the future, it is our duty to be demanding of
our clients with regard to their commitments


While our collective commitment is the foundation of our strength, it is the personal commitment of individuals, and not always the same individuals, who turn our daily collective performance into real success: people are stronger than the system. The fact that we’re doing the same job as other people is part of our pride, and the personal demands are part of the equation.






"... developments that serve people and regions".

We design and develop infrastructure, but that alone is not enough.

We are more than that.


  • We imagine/design urban developments, parks, networks, neighbourhoods, urban districts and evaluate a wide range of projects.


  • We are upgrading existing infrastructure: widening motorways, reserved lanes for car pooling, designing ports and airports in brownfield cad by optimising the use of existing infrastructure.
  • We independently evaluate the interests and impacts of everything we design: mobility and traffic, impact and environmental studies, feasibility, etc.


  • Of course, everything we imagine will have an environmental impact, just like any human activity. But there’s no denying that the impact is considerable for our projects. This only reinforces our responsibility to get it right: as specialists, who better than us can provide the right advice on how to evaluate and prevent certain projects from going ahead?


This is all based on a fundamental belief:

Everything we work on is designed to be used by the public one day. In other words, it’s about creating value by linking people and the communities we serve.



The next question is:

Are all of our projects sufficiently useful, when you consider their impact?

Clearly, the situation is changing, and we are keeping a close eye on things:

By developing new skills and offering new services, and by choosing our projects in a different way for the future.